PRESS RELEASE – Muslims, Immigrants and Supporters Gather in Baltimore

Posted March 13, 2017 /

BALTIMORE (MARCH 13, 2017) More than 50 Muslims, immigrants and their supporters came together Sunday in Baltimore during a rally at Baltimore’s Washington Monument to speak out against the Trump Administration’s Muslim ban, construction of a wall along the U.S. Mexico border and the on-going raids that are destroying communities all over Maryland.

“This issue is personal and it’s affecting families right here in Baltimore,” said CASA’s Regional Director Elizabeth Alex. “This has to stop, our families can’t be divided in this way.”

The rally took place almost a week after President Donald Trump signed a Muslim-ban redo which categorically bans new immigrants from six majority Muslim countries and has been challenged in court by the state of Hawaii claiming the order harms its Muslim population, tourism and foreign students.

“Nothing about inciting fear, separating families, or alienating and ostracizing people keeps our nation safe,” CAIR Spokeswoman & Maryland Outreach Manager Zainab Chaudry. “The goal for this peaceful demonstration is to provide a space for some of the communities most directly impacted by the Muslim Ban 2.0 and other recent polices, to gather in solidarity and resistance.”

One way to fight back has been to concentrate on the legislative power of the state to protect immigrants.

CASA is actively working to fight the anti-immigrant policies dictated by the federal government with a state-wide piece of legislation that would protect immigrants known as the Trust Act. This bill has an unprecedented number of co-sponsors. As of today, we have 78 co-sponsors in the house and 24 in the state senate.

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