Immigrant Advocates Announce Details of January 14th National Day of Action in DC and Nearly 50 Locations A recording of this event will be available shortly

Posted January 5, 2017 /

Washington, DC – Today, immigrants and allies from United We Dream, Center for Community Change, SEIU, CASA, and Voces de la Frontera released the details of the upcoming immigrant day of action on January 14, just one week before Donald Trump’s inauguration.

On January 14, immigrants, families, and allies will rally, march, and hold mass community gatherings in DC and nearly 50 locations nationwide to build momentum to prevent deportations, preserve the DACA program and create sanctuaries of safety and deportation defense networks in cities, schools, churches and states.

The Washington, D.C. rally will be held outside the Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church (1518 M St NW) and will include a speech from Representative Gutierrez. A full list of events is available here.

Please contact Carlos Vogel ( for a copy of the recording.

According to Cristina Jimenez, Executive Director & Co-Founder of United We Dream, “President-elect Donald Trump’s mass deportation plan to separate family and loved ones has generated fear throughout the immigrant community, but we will not hide in the shadows. On January 14, in over 45 locations , we will stand united to call on our country and our leaders to protect immigrants and refugees from deportation; to call for sanctuary and safety; and to call on our entire community to join the fight to protect our neighbors. January 14 will be the first show of our power, but it will not be the last. We will stand together to oppose the Trump regime and protect our communities.”

Kica Matos, Director of Immigrant Rights and Racial Justice of Center for Community Change, said “On January 14, we want every Senator and every Member of Congress to see us and to hear our words, and we want President elect Trump to understand the might, the resiliency and the power of our immigrant families and the immigrant rights movement. We’ll lift the voices of immigrant and refugee leaders of all backgrounds and affirm our shared values around Unity, Love, Resistance, Defense and Sanctuary. We’ll not only pronounce our shared commitment to protect and defend immigrant families from attack — but we’ll also launch our movement’s demands of this new administration, which include respect for the civil rights and dignity for the recipients of DACA, for undocumented immigrant families, for refugees at risk, and for Muslim families.”

Rocio Sáenz, International Executive Vice President of SEIU, said “SEIU members and our allies will use our collective power to fight for a better future for our families, prevent deportations, and protect immigrants, Muslims and refugees. We are committed to building a wider movement around the struggle we share for economic, racial, immigrant and environmental justice. The January 14 Day of Action is happening during Martin Luther King weekend, and we know that the fights for immigrant justice and racial justice and economic justice are all interconnected. We will be taking action on January 14 to keep Dr. King’s dream of justice alive in these tough times.”

According to Christine Neumann-Ortiz, Executive Director of Voces de la Frontera, WI, “In Milwaukee, we are marching to send a strong message of resistance to the hate that the new President is promoting, and to show that we are deeply committed to defending the rights of immigrants and refugees. We have been strengthening our network and have built a coalition to respond quickly to attacks and to fight for positive changes for immigrant and working class families – the Coalition for an Inclusive Wisconsin. We will resist efforts to criminalize, deport and separate immigrant families and fight for the rights of all workers and people affected by Trump’s extremist threats.”

According to Maria Fernanda Durand, a spokesperson from CASA, “As the largest immigrant advocacy group in the Mid-Atlantic, CASA’s goal has always been to protect immigrant rights. Our job is that much more important now. We will not be victimized, we will act. On January 14, CASA is bringing 24 buses filled with Dreamers, undocumented immigrants, and allies from Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania down to the D.C. rally. Representative Gutierrez will speak to our anticipated 2,500 attendees and remind the nation that we will fight whatever is put forth under this new administration.”

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