Hundreds of Families Will Be Displaced in Apartments in Takoma Park

Posted August 31, 2015 /


What: Press Conference

Where: 7401 New Hampshire Ave. Takoma Park, MD

When: August 31st | 6:00pm

Who: New Hampshire Apartment Residents, CASA, Elected Officials Invited


(Takoma Park, MD) – On Monday evening, the tenants association of Hampshire Towers Apartments stand united against displacement of their home and community. Residents are being forced to pay exorbitant rent increases or to leave their home. Residents received rent increase notice July 2015 and are expected to sign new leases by August 31st.The rent increases are as high as 72%.


“What is happening in our community is wrong, unjust, and unfair. We are desperate and in need of help.” says the President of the Tenant Association “We have talked to the owner, Montgomery County, the City of Takoma Park, and anyone who will listen. Time is running out for us. Our families, our elderly, our kids will be displaced because they cannot pay the increases that are being demanded and they have no where to go.”