CASA’s statement to the GOP’s Anti-Immigrant Moves at the Department of Homeland Security’s funding.

Posted January 14, 2015 /

President Obama’s Executive Action last November will provide relief to nearly five million undocumented residents who have helped build this great nation. These residents, our neighbors, are finally able to leave their fear of being deported and separated from their families behind because the President decided to act when Republicans in Congress chose to put their own political interests in front of what the American people wanted.

Republicans are now attempting to block funding to the Department of Homeland Security because of the President’s decision to carry out the wishes of the American people. However, this move by the GOP reflects only their indifference towards Latinos and the immigrant families who came here seeking opportunities. Blocking President Obama’s policies will not only affect the Department of Homeland Security, but it would mean a stop to other crucial funding that keeps children and their parents from being tragically separated.

If Republicans had the opportunity to make this possible, many parents, children, students, and workers, regardless of their circumstances, would become the target of immigration officials. The actions of the newly elected Republican member of Congress contradict their previous statements on wanting comprehensive immigration reform.

The bold move of President Obama’s executive actions were long overdue for many of the families and young people who, after decades of living in this country and paying taxes, were able to come out of the shadows of fear. We condemn the actions of the Republican Party and urge the members of Congress and the nation to stand with us on the subversive attacks on our families.