CASA Applauds Baltimore Mayor’s Support of Welcoming Cities

Posted November 17, 2016 /

BALTIMORE (November 17, 2016) _ CASA congratulates Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake for her continued support of Baltimore as a welcoming place for all immigrants and promises to fight against any federal mandates that would force city officials to act contrary to their moral commitment.

“We are very proud to stand beside Mayor Blake in her effort to ensure that Baltimore remains a city where immigrants don’t have to look over their shoulder and where they are welcomed and treated with respect,” said CASA’s Regional Director Elizabeth Alex.

The incoming Trump administration has hinted that sanctuary cities would see federal dollars disappear if safe harbor practices continue. There is no legal definition of the term sanctuary city and people in these localities can still be deported. 

“We think this move by the Trump administration would be a federal overreach that would prohibit cities from deciding how they want to be governed and would force them to go against their moral beliefs,” Alex said. 

The term usually applies to jurisdictions that don’t ask for the legal status of individuals and don’t cooperate with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in order to fight crime more effectively and improve relationships with community members.

Dozens of municipalities across the nation, including Washington D.C, Montgomery County, MD. and New York City, have vowed to continue their safe harbor practices and now Baltimore has joined the growing chorus of cities.



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