After Election, Hundreds of Immigrant Families Rally at White House to Demand Relief

Posted November 5, 2014 /

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After Election, Hundreds of Immigrant Families Rally at White House to Demand Relief

What: Press Conference and Rally

Where: The White House, Pennsylvania and 16th NW, WDC

When:  Friday, November 7, 12:30pm


This Friday, immigrants will take their battle back to the White House as hundreds of families gather to demand the President provide immediate administrative relief covering the broadest number of Aspiring Americans.

“Particularly in light of this critical juncture on the future of our country, the President must act decisively, broadly, and quickly,” said Gustavo Torres, Executive Director of CASA.  “Administrative relief must include all workers and parents – regardless of their years in the United States – that make up the American family.”

Immigrants are upping the stakes now that the election is over.  Earlier this June, the President had stated that he would grant administrative relief by the end of the summer because Congress had failed to solve the immigration crisis.  He subsequently announced that he would again delay relief until after the elections and provided an indefinite timeline of when, if at all, an announcement would be forthcoming, creating instability for millions of families. Election observers now agree that this lopsided analysis hurt rather than helped the President’s party during yesterday’s election.  CNN polling of voters across the country yesterday, including in key battleground states, showed that voters yesterday support offering legal status to the undocumented 59% to 38%.

Speakers at Friday’s press conference and rally will include several dozen impacted immigrant families and workers who have made this country their permanent home and should be included in a relief that is wide and deep.