Somos Langely Park – Langely Park Promise Neighborhood (LPPN)

Posted March 29, 2014 /

Langley Park Promise Neighborhood (LPPN) includes a diverse set of partners who will collaborate to create a continuum of solutions to address the unique needs of Langley Park’s low-income, limited English proficient children, and will focus on a school feeder pattern that includes two consistently low-performing schools. Four Design Working Groups (DWGs) served as the primary creation mechanism for the comprehensive set of community solutions and were co-chaired by practitioners who are experts working on the issue in Langley Park. A Research Team led by Urban Institute staff and supported by technical resource experts conducted a needs assessment and segmentation analysis, which will inform the creation of the continuum. The plan closely aligns with the reform efforts already underway in the partner schools, and school officials will be intimately involved in the planning process. Stay tuned for more updates.