Leadership Academy

CASA’s Leadership Academy 

Week 2_30CASA was founded in 1985 with the mission to create a more just society by building power and improving the quality of life in low-income immigrant communities. This work is grounded in the belief that the benefits of improving the social and economic well-being of the immigrant community extend to the nation as a whole and to families and communities left behind in our members’ countries of origin. For thirty years, CASA has occupied a rare space as a truly grassroots organization that directly addresses human needs while simultaneously influencing the regional and national debate on immigrants and public policy.

Week 2_25True to its progressive values, CASA’s Leadership Academy seeks to enhance and further develop leadership across our communities with a focus on youth, workers, women and young professionals. Through leadership development, CASA is committed to empowering members of our communities to strengthen their lives, their communities, our nation, our world and our movement. The Leadership Academy also seeks to bring the immigrant rights movement closer to the experience of the larger progressive movement in the US, and to communities in Latin America, the Caribbean and parts of Africa that have historically faced some of the same challenges of social, economic and political exclusion.