Keep 287g out of Baltimore County #NoBalCo287g

Posted May 31, 2017 /
Help us keep 287g out of Baltimore County. Call your Baltimore County Councilmembers and tell them to VOTE NO on Council Bill 32-17
The legislation, known as Council Bill 32-17, would require Baltimore County to enter into a 287(g) agreement with DHS. It was introduced just weeks after County Executive Kevin Kamenetz announced in March an executive order to limit how police and corrections departments inquire about immigration status or honor requests from ICE to hold detainees who would otherwise be released.
The next few days will likely see an avalanche of calls, emails, and tweets directed at our county council. We need to make it clear that people who actually live, work, study, and vote in Baltimore County oppose Council Bill 32-17, unlike most of the bills proponents who are being agitated by national organizations with ties to the for-profit prison industry including FAIR, which has been labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.
While it will be great to generate high volume calls, emails, and tweets all day everyday, we want to make sure every single council member as well as the county exec are receiving at least 10 (hopefully lots more) solid, legitimate calls from Baltimore county residents in opposition to this bill every single day from now until the vote on Monday. It’s important that council members on both sides of the issue hear from us.
At CASA we plan to do this the old fashioned way, asking folks to pull together a few friends and neighbors in their living room to learn about the issue and make phone calls together.
the message can be short and to the point – we are not engaging in deep policy debate at this point, but registering thoughtful opposition to the bill and planting seeds of doubt for anyone thinking that a vote for this bill would be a smart thing to do.
Sample message could look like:
Hello, my name is XXX and I’m a Baltimore County resident.  I live in XXX neighborhood) and I’m calling today to register my opposition to county bill 32-17.  I urge the council member to vote against this legislation because:
(choose any or all that speak to you)
– this bill sends a message that immigrants are not welcome in Baltimore county, and could have a chilling effect on crime victims and witnesses contacting local police
– our tax dollars are better spent in other ways – like solving serious crimes and funding our fire department and schools.  We shouldn’t be in the business of subsidizing the federal government.
-the 287(g) program has a long history of documented civil rights abuses and constitutional violations.  I’m worried that entering this program could put us on a slippery slope and result in violations of people’s basic rights
-the existing county policy already does a good job of ensuring that we are protecting everyone’s rights while also communicating with ICE and other federal law enforcement.  We don’t need this legislation in Baltimore county.