Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to make arrangements in advance?

No, you can make arrangements on the spot for general laborers. Just go to the center of your choice to speak with an Employment Specialist and pick up workers (see below for contact information). If you need skilled workers (carpenter, painter, concrete workers, etc.) it might be a good idea to call a few days in advance to make arrangements. To hire workers on a Sunday, Monday, or Federal Holiday, you should make arrangements in advance.

What are the pay rates?

General labor runs from $10-$15 an hour. Skilled labor starts at 15 dollars an hour and can be higher depending on the type of job needed. Rates are based on assumption that there will be at least a half day’s (four hours) amount of work. If you need workers for fewer than four hours, our employment specialist will work with you to determine a different rate.

How will the worker get to the job?

Many general laborers prefer if the employer can provide transportation to and from the job, but they can arrive in public transportation if it is possible. Many skilled workers and some general laborers have their own transportation and at least the basic tools. There may be an additional cost if you are requesting the worker use their own transportation to get to the job site.

What about breaks, food and drink?

You should have water available at all times or make arrangements for the worker to purchase something before leaving for the job. If you have a full work day, be sure to provide break times.

How are workers paid?

Most workers prefer to be paid in cash at the end of the work day. If for some reason you cannot pay in cash, or cannot pay immediately following the job, please let our employment specialist know before the job begins, so they can inform the workers. Sometimes workers receive a tip in addition to their wages, but this is not required.

Can I hire workers permanently?

CASA frequently works with businesses and others to fill temporary and permanent job needs. If you are interested in hiring worker for full-time or permanent work, please email the employment specialist with as much details as possible, including pay rates, all requirements needed to apply, and expected date that the job will begin. Our employment specialists will then search for qualified candidates in all of our centers, as well in our vocational training courses (if applicable).

Will the workers do a good job?

All of the workers who use CASA’s services are committed to follow CASA’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice to ensure that the employers get honest, reliable, and professional workers. CASA will never send out a worker to do any job in which they are not physically or mentally capable of doing. CASA also has an extensive quality control process that includes a Workers Performance Report, which we ask all those who hire from CASA to return after every job. We also encourage employers to request workers with whom they have had a positive experience whenever they have additional projects. CASA also administers OSHA Trainings to workers on a monthly basis in all areas of construction, landscaping, and general labor to minimize workplace accidents. Finally CASA is dedicated to the security and well-being of our workers and employers. To ensure a high-degree of professionalism, all workers are members of CASA and possess Membership ID Cards that are recognized locally and by the Montgomery County and Prince George’s County Police.

What Contact Information Should I be expected to fill out?

You will fill out a written form that documents the agreement between you and the worker. This information is kept for our records, and allows us to more quickly access your information when you return. All your information is kept confidential. Any information collected is only used internally, and is never provided to parties outside of CASA without your written permission being obtained beforehand. What else should I know about CASA? CASA is a community supported non-profit organization and therefore does not charge employers or workers fees for our services. CASA does not act as an employer for workers, and therefore does not screen workers or check references for employers. We know many of the workers and help match the worker to the type of work needed. We trust the worker to meet your expectations and we trust you to treat the worker fairly.

What type of training does CASA provide to its members?

CASA’s Workforce Development program coordinates trainings within the Centers. Trainings vary from small workshops on topics such as Blue Print reading, Health and Safety, employability tips, green practices, and power tools handling to larger vocational training classes provided through a partnership with Prince George’s Community College and Montgomery College. These larger classes include Building Maintenance Engineering, HVAC Certification, Landscape Management, Childhood Development, and Basic Security. Finally CASA offers a wide array of English classes, including daily drop in English Classes at all worker centers geared towards daily workers.


The Workers Centers are open Tuesday through Saturday from 6:00 am-2:00 pm. CASA is closed on all Federal Holidays (except for Columbus Day), and is closed the day after Federal Holidays which occur on Monday. If you need workers during any of these days in which CASA offices are closed, please contact our employment specialists in advance.

For More Information:

Please email or call to speak with an Employment Specialist at one of our five convenient locations according to the following contact information:

Baltimore Welcome Center
2224 Fayette St.
Baltimore, MD 21231
Tel: (410) 732-2694
Fax: (410) 732-2692
Shady Grove Welcome Center
14645 Rothgeb Drive
Rockville, MD 20850
Tel: (240) 491-5780
Fax: (301) 926-0300
Prince George’s Welcome Center
7978-B New Hampshire Ave.
Hyattsville, MD 20783
Tel: (240) 491-5784
Fax: (301) 431-1029
Silver Spring Welcome Center
734 University Blvd. E.
Silver Spring, MD 20903
Tel: (301) 431-4177
Fax: (301) 431-1293
Wheaton Welcome Center
2729 University Blvd W.
Wheaton, MD 20902
Tel: (240) 491-5772
Fax: (301) 933-6690