Become a Member

How do I become a member? Bring a photo identification (passport, identification card, driver license from your country, or other legal U.S. ID). If you do not have a photo ID, bring your birth certificate, and a friend or family member with photo identification that will verify your address and identity. 3 simple steps:

  1. Fill out a membership form with personal information.
  2. Pay $35.00 in cash and/or credit for an annual joint membership.
  3. Get a photo identity card with access to all our services and benefits.  

To speed up the membership process you can print and fill out the membership form in advance.

Click here for the membership form in:

Who are our members? Our members are immigrants and other Marylanders and Virginians who work to build power to improve the quality of life for immigrants in our region.

What does it mean to be a CASA member? CASA membership is your way of showing that you want to improve the lives of immigrants and low wage workers. You will also be able to play an important role in deciding how CASA should provide services to the public. Additionally, you will have access toMembership Form Spanish many of CASA’s services.