Department of Education and Welcome Centers

Employment Placement: CASA connects workers with employers seeking short-term help and delivers placement services for full-time employment.  Through CASA’s Welcome Center model, workers are able to obtain better paying employment in a safe environment and employers are able to more effectively recruit workers with a variety of skills and experience levels.

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Work-Readiness and Vocational Training: CASA partners with local community colleges such as Prince George’s Community College and Montgomery College to offer a range of vocational training courses.  Current topics include: electrical, building maintenance, drywall installation and painting, computer repair, cabinetry, HVAC installation and repair, blueprint reading, power tool usage, sewing and dress-making, child development, security, solar paneling, and hospitality.  Vocational training graduates receive industry-recognized certification from the community college and CASA, and CASA conducts follow-up to track improvement in employment status or income.

For more information contact Jacinta Nino or  240-491-5775 / 301-356-03278


English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL): CASA offers instruction in ESOL to help immigrant workers overcome the most significant obstacle they face to obtaining sustainable employment.  CASA operates an evening program serving more than 1,000 students annually with seven levels of instruction, as well as a daytime introductory workforce-focused ESOL program.