CASA Statement Police Accountability in Baltimore

Posted August 10, 2016 /

On the findings released by the U.S. Department of Justice on the lack of police accountability in Baltimore

We feel vindicated that the DOJ report has shed light on important systematic deficiencies in the Baltimore Police Department’s policies and that it identified a lack of accountability in police practices, something that CASA has been voicing for years. The findings also support all of the reforms that we have been calling on. We have always stressed the need for involving Baltimore community in the civilian review board (CRB), including the consent decree negotiations and monitoring police practices to ensure that critical deficiencies are addressed. While we are cautiously optimistic that this report will mean the beginning of real change, we also are profoundly disappointed that the report overlooked the concerns previously identified by Latinos or immigrants, minorities that are too often victims of unconstitutional stops, searches and arrests, as well as use of excessive force by police.

CASA, as part of the Campaign for Justice, Safety & Jobs (CJSJ) coalition, calls the DOJ to further consider community recommendations (attached). CJSJ is a coalition of more than 30 organizations and believe that involving all community leaders and members in the consent decree process will not only ensure representation but also will ensure in the healing of community-police relations. We look forward to work with Department of Justice, Baltimore Police Department and the Baltimore City Council in addressing the systemic deficiencies in Baltimore policing. The findings present an opportunity to restore community-police relations that should be seized and deserve to be taken seriously.