CASA Condemns Brutality Against Anti-Racists Protesters in Charlottesville

Posted August 14, 2017 /

WOODBRIDGE, VA. _ CASA is saddened and angry after a vicious attack on protesters in Charlottesville Saturday left one person dead and dozens injured, and is calling on federal authorities to charge the suspect with carrying out an act of domestic terrorism.

“We are horrified by the terrorist attack on people who were speaking out against racism and bigotry in Charlottesville today,” said Michelle LaRue, Virginia Director for CASA, the largest immigrant rights organization in the Mid-Atlantic region. “It was vicious, horrifying, and those who committed this act deserve the strictest punishment under the law. “

According to witnesses, a driver viciously rammed his car into a crowd and immediately left the scene of the attack.

Up to now, President Trump has refused to call out the white supremacists who were marching in Virginia this weekend for their bigotry and racism.

CASA believes that the language and policies coming out of the White House are emboldening and strengthening white supremacists throughout the country.

“We believe that when there are people with racist histories working in the White House, a president who refuses to strongly disavow white supremacists who support him, and an administration that villainizes immigrants and people of color, there is a tacit normalizing of this hate-filled rhetoric.”